• A Mentsh

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      Dedicated to the well-being of the citizens of Frankfurt, Jewish mayor Peter Feldmann has won wide respect both in his hometown and nationwide…

    • The Worms Prayerbook of 1272 tells a chapter in Jewish-German history
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      Human Element

      German-Israeli relations are distinctive. Whilst not always sharing the same view of the world, the two countries should listen to each other...

    • Reconstruction of the wooden ceiling of the lost 17th-century synagogue of Gwoździec in Warsaw’s POLIN museum

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      Jews have always adapted to the changes and challenges of time. Also today, diversity brings forth innovation and helps Jewish culture evolve

    • Berlin counts among the most popular investment locations  

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      Safe Haven

      Politically stable and economically robust, Germany is becoming increasingly attractive for foreign investors, especially in commercial real estate…

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Omer Calender and Memorial Tablet, papercut by Baruch Zvi Ring

      Counting Our Blessings

      The Omer calendar helps us appreciate the value of each day in the seven weeks between Passover and Shavuot so that “we may obtain a wise heart”…

    • Mohammed Bin Salman
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      Peace Initiative

      Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman recognizes Israel’s right to existence and demands a Palestinian state. A major step to solving a conflict…

    • On Yom Ha-Shoah, live in Israel comes to a complete standstill

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      Remembrance of the Shoah means responsibility towards the victims and a commitment to the values of our society. It must be our moral compass…

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      No Winners

      Trade imbalance is a legitimate topic of international debate but it must not take the form of a trade war. Reforms, not confrontation are required…

    • Magnus Hirschfeld met Li Shiu Tong, the companion of his twilight years, in Hong Kong

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      The Einstein of Sex

      Through science to justice: marking the 150th birthday of revolutionary sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld whose legacy resonates around the world…

    • A Jewish-owned clothing shop in Magdeburg, destroyed during the pogrom night of November 9-10, 1938
© Leo Baeck Institute New York | Berlin

      1938 Projekt

      Original documents, a new website and a traveling exhibition remember the year 1938 which constituted a singular rupture in German-Jewish history…