• Jean-Pierre Dalbéra La pyramide du Louvre Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

      Grow up!

      America first? With a new era in transatlantic relations, the Old Continent needs to take its fate into its own hands and defend its own interests...

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      German engineers have plenty to offer when it comes to e-mobility – they better, as the aim is to have 1 million e-vehicles on the road by 2020…
  • Interview

    • Thüringer Staatskanzlei Barbara Neumann

      Bodo Ramelow

      Thuringia’s prime minister is “committed to the principles of the Torah as well as to a cosmopolitan understanding of Jewish life and culture”….

    • Coca Cola Deutschland

      Recycle & Upcycle

      Everything has a value: How a corporation implements the principle of circular economy, thus protecting resources and saving raw materials…

    • La vie en rose 
Cafe de Flore Public Domain /wikimedia

      Bridging Gaps

      A call for political renewal: New government will be well advised to encourage the French to remember the positive sides of the Grande Nation…

    • (c) by Stefan Kranz


      “The Jewish symbol of the fig tree in the shade of which there is room for everyone, is our programmatic basis”…. Welcome to the ACHAVA festival…

    • (c) JVG

      Thou shalt work

      “A man who lives from the labor of his hands is greater than the one who fears heaven.” Work is also an integral aspect of social justice, tzedakah…
  • Money

    • (c) by pixabay / public domain

      Sustainably Successful

      Washington’s exit from the landmark Paris climate agreement is bound to have an effect on sustainable investments. What to look out for….

    • Former headquarter of Topf & Söhne - now a memorial place
(c) Pichler Architekten Köln

      Topf & Söhne

      At Erfurt, the former administrative building of the “builders of the Auschwitz ovens” is now a memorial center also engaging with current issues…

    • © Archive for Jewish Music - Jascha Nemtsov

      Spiritual Resistance

      “Our desire for culture equalled our desire for life…” Music helped preserve humanity under inhuman conditions in ghettos and concentration camps…