• Renaissance

    • (c) German Embassy Washington

      Jewish-German Relations

      Peter Wittig, Germany’s ambassador to the United States, on the manifold challenges and opportunities for Jews and Germans in the 21st century…

    • A Global player: Mercedes-AMG Engine Factory in Affalterbach
Credit:kickaffe (Mario von Berg) (CC0 Public Domain https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/deed.en


      Export nation Germany must take good care not to squander its prime assets, warns our author Roland Tichy, arguing a strong case for free trade…

    • A Niqab in a German park

Ludmilla https://pixabay.com/ public domain

      Ban the Burqa-Ban

      We need emancipatory policies and measures to promote integration rather than dress codes and restrictions, says Green party spokesman Volker Beck…

    • The Lake House, photograph by Lotte Jacobi, 1928
(c)  (Alexander Family Archive)

      Soul Place

      A house by a lake on the outskirts of Berlin tells the story of 20th century Germany and becomes a center for education and reconciliation…
  • Jewish Heritage

    • The Mikvah at Speyer's Judenhof
(c) Susanne Urban

      Garlic Cities

      The rich history and treasures of Speyer, Worms and Mainz argue a strong case for their inclusion in the ranks of Unesco World Heritage sites…
  • Biography

    • 1_birnbaum_4b_web

      I cannot forget

      Shlomo Birnbaum recalls a life haunted by the horrors of the Shoah. We present an exclusive excerpt of his memoirs just published in Germany…
  • Future

    • (c) Gerhard C. Starck Stiftung


      The long tradition of patronage in Jewish-German relations and their furthering of arts, sciences and social projects is very much alive today…

    • Aleppo after an Airstrike
Thomas Rassloff picture alliance / dpa

      Solutions for Syria

      Could a new edition of the Marshall Plan help put the war torn country back on track? A look at possible solutions to the refugee crisis and beyond…
  • Money

    • Portrait_Jens_Spudy


      Even the Rockefeller oil-dynasty is nowadays looking at renewable energy. An analysis of risks and chances of investments in sustainability…

    • Credit: Public Domain/Moshe Pridan


      Big data analytics, cybersecurity issues, resource management – long-standing German-Israeli trade relations enter new promising grounds…