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    • JVG_TZI_Westerwelle_Seligmann

      Guido Westerwelle

      We are mourning Guido Westerwelle. Then foreign minister, he introduced the JVG in 2012 and remained a staunch supporter of our paper…

    • JVG_TZI_Bier_Stitzen_klein

      Brewery Tales

      Jews don’t drink, do they? How come that there is a long and fascinating story of beer, past and present, in Jewish tradition and culture..

    • Tichys-Stempel

      World´s Biggest Bad Bank

      Pumping money into the economy is like flooding a junkie’s brain with drugs… Roland Tichy warns of the consequences of the ECB’s policy…

    • JVG_TZI_Cityscape_Berlin

      Good marks

      Most Israelis are convinced that next to the US, Germany is their most important ally, says a new survey by the Adenauer Foundation…

    • JVG_TZI_Anne_Frank

      Anne Frank in Sils Maria

      The Swiss resort was the girl’s childhood paradise and has a very special Jewish history, being a favorite with many intellectuals and artists…

    • real-estate-789218_1280

      Real Estate

      My home is my bank… Low interest rates and lack of alternative investments make for a boom in the German real estate market…

    • EUTOP_Buchttitel_20150924_TZI26_klein_neu (2)

      Decision Making

      A groundbreaking new book elucidates the complexity of the EU and shows how an interdisciplinary approach can protect vital interests…

    • JVG_TZI_Pro_Hamas

      New Intifada

      Whilst we should not underestimate the role of social media in the current unrest in the Middle East, it can also help change the narrative…

    • Odessa_klein


      Young Israeli poet Jonathan Berg pays homage to the glory and melancholy of the city on the Black Sea and its rich Jewish heritage…

    • JVG_TZI_Leo_Baeck_klein

      Interfaith Dialogue

      In his last public speech, Rabbi Leo Baeck set the cornerstone for mutual understanding and respect of the three great religions…