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      Standing with Israel

      Germany stands for Israel’s right to exist like no other country, says CDU General Secretary, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, in our exclusive interview…

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      Peace Broker

      Arne Lietz, member of European Parliament, explains why contributing to the peace process in the ME is a core foreign policy issue for the EU…

    • Goldmann, Adenauer, and Ben-Gurion, with Moshe Dayan in the background 
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      Adenauer & Goldmann

      The ground-breaking agreement of 1952 helped Germany re-enter the international stage and Israel to care for Holocaust survivors and refugees…
  • Israel

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      Making Aliyah

      Balagan, chaos, laughing hearts, helpful hands: A young German woman shares her personal story of why she calls Jerusalem her home now…

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      Medical Technology

      Health care is a market with great potential – also for the investor. Yet finding the most promising investment opportunities is not an easy task…

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      Ensuring Dignity

      Many Shoah survivors live below the poverty line. It is the Claims Conference’s mission to provide them with justice and support in their old age…

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      Saving money: Virtue or vice? A fascinating exhibition explores Germany’s favourite national occupation in its historical and current context…
  • A Mentsh

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      David Schorr

      A warm humanity, wisdom, and a constantly present fine sense of humour accompanied the art of this great painter. We mourn the loss of a friend…
  • LIFE

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      Berlin 2018: A necklace and its American-Jewish German-Christian story tells what it is like trying to make sense of the mess that history creates….

    • Cantor Svetlana Kundish
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      Reflecting the Heart

      The recent festive investiture of new cantor Sveta Kundish in Berlin marks a beginning – and honors the tradition of women in German synagogues…