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      Everybody’s Loss

      With Great Britain leaving the EU, ideals of an enlightened international order are at stake as well as issues of security and economic interests…

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      In the Fast Lane

      How does America’s automotive industry compare to its European counterpart? Innovation, investment and global diversity are key advantages…

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      Spiritual Resistance

      “Our desire for culture equalled our desire for life…” Music helped preserve humanity under inhuman conditions in ghettos and concentration camps…

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      Magic Eye

      Self-driving cars save lives and resources – Israeli company Mobileye has forged “the ultimate link between automobile and artificial intelligence”…

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      City of Peace

      “Next year in Jerusalem” – this wish at the end of the Seder is an expression of a yearning that has been preserved for more than 2,000 years…

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Akademie der Künste, Walter Benjamin Archiv

      Turmoils of Modernity

      Exploring the writings and tragic life of Walter Benjamin, the imperfect genius of the Freudian-Marxist philosophers of the Frankfurt School…

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      Europe and America

      Joined at the hip or disparate entities? A plea for rational discourse, tolerance and historical responsibilities in transatlantic relations…

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      Promised Land

      Visiting the heritage of the Templers, German Christian pioneers, living, working and thriving in the Land of Israel more than a century ago…

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      Enlightenment 2.0

      “Jew and Me” – new initiative Sapere aude helps provide young social media users with an accessible introduction to Jewish-German culture…

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      Talking Business

      Jobs, trade, infrastructure, fiscal policy: What will Trump do to secure and enhance the US’s status as the world’s largest economic power?