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      New Term

      Populism, Europe’s excessive debt, Trump, climate change, international terror – Angela Merkel faces great challenges at home and abroad...
  • Mentshen

    • Hannah_Hannah

      Hannah & Hannah

      Born in 1905, Hannah lived through 20th century Europe’s tragedies and triumphs; may Hannah, born in 2017, grow up safely in Israel...
  • Interview

    • IMG_1638

      Anton Hofreiter

      Laws of nature are non-negotiable, says Green party parliamentary whip, and calls for urgent action in the fight against the climate crisis...
  • History

    • Leo Baeck Institute New York|Berlin

      Live and prosper

      As much as America had an impact on German Jews, German Jews have contributed much to America, says William Weitzer of Leo Baeck Institute...

    • (c) Asitimes


      North Korea and Iran are spreading fear with their threats. International diplomacy and economic pressure must put an end to this...

    • Like American democracy, the Liberty Bell has weathered threats, and it has endured

(c) John D. Cardinell/Wikimedia/Public Domain


      Despite Europe’s mass hysteria about the U.S. president, American democracy rests on firmer foundations than that of Germany, explains Daniel Killy...
  • exhibition

    • Dodo, Box Logic (1929)
(c) Krümmer Fine Art

      Weimar Republic

      An exhibition at Frankfurt’s Schirn Kunsthalle explores the unique cultural explosion and artistic revolution of Germany’s interwar period...

    • Yehuda Teichtal
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      NY-Berlin Rabbi

      Let’s step out, reach out to others, fulfill our responsiblity in this society because we are here to stay, says Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal...
  • Money

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      Many investors are now seeking to make a positive impact and sustainable investments are performing better than traditional ones, says Jens Spudy…

    • Fraenkelufer Synagogue 
Jörg Zägel / Wikimedia / Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) / https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/deed.en /


      How goodly are thy tents o Jacob – much loved Fraenkelufer synagogue gets a new lease on life with a rejuvenated international congregation...