Frankfurt’s shul: the origin of jewish learning

Philosophers Beat Hitler

During WWII, the US Office of Strategic Services, predecessor of the CIA, enlisted the help of famous German emigrant philosophers like Marcuse, Kirchheimer et al. The protagonists of the Frankfurt School compiled intelligence reports on Nazi Germany, evaluating the social and political mood. Jewish Intelligence thus played a major role in developing Allied wartime strategy…

Caught in Conflict

96,000 Jewish soldiers fought in the German forces in World War I. Anti-Semitic propaganda tried to minimize their war effort. But at the same time, a hitherto unknown level of integration and emancipation was achieved…

Wie die Deutschen lernten, den Krieg zu hassen

ZEITGESCHICHTE Die hundertjährige Wiederkehr des Ersten Weltkriegs sowie der 75. Jahrestag des deutschen Überfalls auf Polen
Installation am Dachfries des Haus der Kunst

The Perpetrators’ Color, the Victims’ Language

An installation at Munich’s Haus der Kunst makes a daring connnection…
Dortmund, 1933, after the Nazis came to power

Fanatical Nazi-Attorney Abused the Law

May 1943. Dortmund is chosen as the location for the execution of prisoners sentenced by the Hamm district Special Court and as a “back-up” for Cologne Prison, an authorized execution site.