French Jewry in Danger

France prides itself on being the land of liberty, egality and fraternity. Yet violent anti-Semitism is on the rise there. We take a look at a fatal tradition with roots in the French Revolution, [...]


Israel’s Growing Isolation

The call for new elections drives the Jewish state to a near standstill whilst the international pressure is enormous...

Putin’s Roll Back

What are Russia’s strategic goals considering Ukraine and Europe? An investigation into diverging narratives and hard facts...

An Unprecedented Success Story

In an exclusive essay for the JVG, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier reviews 50 years of German-Israeli diplomatic relations. To him, this means half a century of responsibility. Thus Steinmeier takes a firm stance regarding Germany’s role in the current negotiations with Iran...

A Goyete in Zion

What it is like to live in the hub of Tel Aviv ... given a mixture of German neuroses and Israeli pragmatism...