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North Korea and Iran are spreading fear with their threats. International diplomacy and economic pressure must put an end to this…


Countering Populism

A specter called populism is haunting the world. Claiming to be the authentic representation of the majority’s interest, populism plays on fears and putative threats. Rafael Seligmann looks at a philosophy perverted at the roots of populism and explains how democratic [...]


Enlightenment 2.0

“Jew and Me” – new initiative Sapere aude helps provide young social media users with an accessible introduction to Jewish-German culture…

A Niqab in a German park

Ludmilla https://pixabay.com/ public domain

Ban the Burqa-Ban

We need emancipatory policies and measures to promote integration rather than dress codes and restrictions, says Green party spokesman Volker Beck…
by JVG

Europe Needs Courage

To avoid further Brexit-like nightmares, the EU must provide a sound economic foundation for its citizens, especially for young people…