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Allez la France

Reforms are urgently required – and resistance will be strong… Economic success will largely determine whether the new French president will be standing for election again in five years’ time. Macron’s economic and political latitude is far greater than that enjoyed [...]

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In the Fast Lane

How does America’s automotive industry compare to its European counterpart? Innovation, investment and global diversity are key advantages…

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Magic Eye

Self-driving cars save lives and resources – Israeli company Mobileye has forged “the ultimate link between automobile and artificial intelligence”…

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Talking Business

Jobs, trade, infrastructure, fiscal policy: What will Trump do to secure and enhance the US’s status as the world’s largest economic power?

A Global player: Mercedes-AMG Engine Factory in Affalterbach
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Export nation Germany must take good care not to squander its prime assets, warns our author Roland Tichy, arguing a strong case for free trade…