A Global player: Mercedes-AMG Engine Factory in Affalterbach
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Export nation Germany must take good care not to squander its prime assets, warns our author Roland Tichy, arguing a strong case for free trade…
Aleppo after an Airstrike
Thomas Rassloff picture alliance / dpa

Solutions for Syria

Could a new edition of the Marshall Plan help put the war torn country back on track? A look at possible solutions to the refugee crisis and beyond…
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Big data analytics, cybersecurity issues, resource management – long-standing German-Israeli trade relations enter new promising grounds…

Free Trade

Tariff reduction stabilizes prosperity and peace. Isolationism has time and again led to disaster. We need the cultural values of liberalism…

Unequal Terms

Beijing’s shopping sprees among European high tech firms stand in stark contrast to the restrictive access to markets in the Land of the Dragon…