People praying at the Western Wall

I’m On My Way

A Jewish boy from Düsseldorf is formed by attending a yeshivah in Jerusalem...
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Judah Found No Rest

The destruction of the Temple sparked a new commitment, argues Rabbi Hoffmann, and explains why dreams and visions are essential on Tisha b´Av…
Group picture with graduates and guests of honor

Chisku we’imzu – Be strong and of good courage

"You will shape Jewish life," says Foreign Minister Steinmeier at the ordination ceremony in Wroclaw’s White Stork synagogue...
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Do the Rite Thing!

His father’s Bible, psychoanalysis and religious traditions – Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman explores how Sigmund Freud’s ideas on religion and rituals evolved …
Ariella Cover Torah

You Shall Tell Your Children

After 50 years, there is a new Jewish children’s bible in German available, translated and edited by Hebrew Bible professor Hanna Liss and her husband and co-author Bruno Landthaler.