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Judah Found No Rest

The destruction of the Temple sparked a new commitment, argues Rabbi Hoffmann, and explains why dreams and visions are essential on Tisha b´Av…
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Do the Rite Thing!

His father’s Bible, psychoanalysis and religious traditions – Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman explores how Sigmund Freud’s ideas on religion and rituals evolved …

Jesus Reclaimed

“In complete agreement with Scripture and tradition…” – How Jewish thinkers are bringing the Nazarene home to Judaism…

Judaism’s Universal Gift

God revealed two Torahs to Moses at Mount Sinai. Not only the Torah in the sense of the Hebrew Bible i.e. the “written Torah,” but an “oral Torah” was also revealed.
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Tolerance: A Coat of Many Colors

The number of Jewish fundamentalists trying to dominate sections of public life is on the rise. But as Rabbi Dr. Walter Homolka points out, freedom of religion is an essential Jewish virtue. Progressive Jews must defend the conviction that there is more than one truth within Judaism – and outside of Judaism.