Dortmund, 1933, after the Nazis came to power

Fanatical Nazi-Attorney Abused the Law

May 1943. Dortmund is chosen as the location for the execution of prisoners sentenced by the Hamm district Special Court and as a “back-up” for Cologne Prison, an authorized execution site.

The Prime Minister and theTerrorist

A prime minister and a terrorist may just be the most effective partners for peace Netanyahu and the PLO's Barghouti have the power to guarantee the deal.
Israel's tanks cross the Suez Canal

40 Years Yom Kippur War – When Israel Faced Extinction

Israel was facing extinction 40 years ago on Yom Kippur and the U.S was looking to extend its reach
Berthold Beitz

An Invaluable Gift to Science

One should not forget Beitz's enormous and little known contribution to German science. Perhaps his greatest contribution was on the debate on cell stem research in Germany
US Presidents in Berlin

US Presidents in Berlin: Then and now

What was he supposed to say? “Ich bin ‘auch’ ein Berliner!” “Mr. Putin, let Americans adopt Russian children!” When the Berliners learned that Obama, the most powerful man in the world, was coming to their city to speak at the Brandenburg Gate, the reactions were, as you would expect, mixed.