Dortmund, 1933, after the Nazis came to power

Fanatical Nazi-Attorney Abused the Law

May 1943. Dortmund is chosen as the location for the execution of prisoners sentenced by the Hamm district Special Court and as a “back-up” for Cologne Prison, an authorized execution site.
The last German patriarch: Berthold Beitz

Berthold Beitz Dies at 99

Berthold Beitz has saved hundreds of Jews. After World War II he became one of the most powerful managers in Germany and was honored in Yad Vashem. Now he is nearly 100 years old
Jew or no Jew?

Think you know your Jews?

What makes food kosher? Are all Jews religious? Is a German allowed to criticize Israel? Just some of the questions being asked of visitors to the Jewish Museum's latest exhibition in Berlin.
"Berlin bonus" attracts especially junior scientists

A Vision for Berlin and Brandenburg

Little less than 100 years ago Berlin was widely acknowledged as the world’s scientific center. What is the city like 100 years on and how will it look tomorrow? Is there a realistic chance that Berlin will connect with its past glory and become a leading scientific metropolis again?

The Spudy Column: German stocks still a must-have

German stocks have been outperforming their European peers during the crisis by a solid margin. And this margin will not be waning any time soon