“The wall of the city shall fall down flat” Joshua 6:5

A Steady Partnership

Despite their differences in opinion, common principles between the US, Germany and Israel will prevail. In this period of global crisis, it is time for pragmatic politics.
Pope Francis in Rome

New Pope, New Hope?

As a cardinal in Buenos Aires, Jorge Mario Bergoglio showed solidarity with the Jewish community. As Pope Francis, he is a symbol of hope for Jewish-Christian relations. Jews have welcomed and praised him both as a close friend and as a bridge builder between the two religions
Rebuilding Europe's Competitiveness

Rebuilding Europe’s Competitiveness

What do you do when your plan does not work? You devise a new one. Europe 2020 provides an important growth strategy for the European Union in the coming decade
Nike Wagner, outspoken great-granddaughter of the famous composer

Celebrating Wagner?

It is his 200 birthday this year and never before has Richard Wagner or his operas been so controversial. Nike Wagner discusses his work and contemporary reception

Judaism’s Universal Gift

God revealed two Torahs to Moses at Mount Sinai. Not only the Torah in the sense of the Hebrew Bible i.e. the “written Torah,” but an “oral Torah” was also revealed.