MET Mich hungert

Not So Golden

A Dickensian childhood in Berlin – the recently rediscovered novel “Mich hungert!” by Georg Fink looks at the less than glamorous side of the “Roaring Twenties”…

Kick It Like Kurt

FC Bayern Munich – the soccer club of superlatives when it comes to sports – but also when it comes to decency: The story of how “the Bayern” honor their legendary president, Kurt Landauer….
Turm bearbeitet

How is Woody Allen faring in Berlin?

Stereotypes, shadows of the past, amenities of the present: scenes from the everyday life of an American Jew in Germany’s capital – obviously not just another city…

Berlin: QR-Stolpersteine im Holocaust-Denkmal

Erinnerungs- und Gedenkkultur 2.0 – „Musik liegt auf der Straße“

Jude für 90 Minuten

Moderator Jörg Thadeusz berichtet über sein Makkabi-Kicker-Intermezzo…