Außenansicht Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Fassade Libeskind-Bau

A Mathematician Needn’t be a Triangle

Peter Schäfer now heads Berlin’s famous Jewish Museum. He tells the JVG about the challenges and his plans…

Returning Home with Deep Concern

Stephan Weil, State Premier and President of the Bundesrat, on his journey to Israel and Palestine…

The Jewish Frankfurt School

On its centenary Frankfurt University focuses on its famous Institute for Social Research...
IMG_0886 (2)_cc_Alexander Michel

Azerbaijan: Dynamics and Tradition

In up-and-coming Azerbaijan where the three great religions coexist peacefully, hospitality and tolerance are part and parcel of everyday life

Time to Speak Out

At a meeting in Budapest, Jewish leaders were alarmed at the direction Hungary’s public memory is taking – especially when it comes to anti-Semitism past and present…