You shall dwell in booths for seven days; all Israelites shall dwell in booths,” tells Lev. 23:42. In compliance with this commandment, Jews around the world erect outdoor huts in which the autumn holiday of Sukkot is celebrated. Once observed as a festival of thanksgiving [...]

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Grow up!

America first? With a new era in transatlantic relations, the Old Continent needs to take its fate into its own hands and defend its own interests…

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“The Jewish symbol of the fig tree in the shade of which there is room for everyone, is our programmatic basis”…. Welcome to the ACHAVA festival…

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Allez la France

Reforms are urgently required – and resistance will be strong… Economic success will largely determine whether the new French president will be standing for election again in five years’ time. Macron’s economic and political latitude is far greater than that enjoyed [...]