PM Tillich proudly presents Meissen porcelain

Champion of Technology and Culture

An Invitation by Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich

Saxony – that’s a small German state with the great habit of changing the future.

Saxony changed the face of the future when in 1989 the Saxon people shook off their Sovietbacked [...]

Healing technology: Threedimensional back treatment device CTT Centaur

Innovative by Tradition

Technology made in Saxony

What connects the world’s first daily newspaper, the world’s largest red brick bridge, the bra, the teabag and toothpaste? They all are innovations and technical advances made in Saxony. Indeed, throughout [...]

“Sistine Madonna” by Raphael, painted 1512/13

The World’s Most Beautiful Woman Turns 500

Dresden celebrates Raphael’s Sistine Madonna with a major exhibition

Beauty is a strange thing. The Regensburg psychologist Martin Gründl has analyzed Raphael’s Sistine Madonna from the point of view of research on what makes things attractive, [...]