France Dreams While Reality Bites

France Dreams While Reality Bites

France’s president François Hollande remains trapped by his country's new found military ambitions
PM Netanyahu

Israel Must Take the Initiative

U.S. and Germany are indispensable allies for the security of Jerusalem, but PM Netanyahu must accept an independent Palestinian State, Rafael Seligmann writes in this Commentary.

It was in the Middle East, in Israel and Arabia, where the Bible and the Koran were [...]


Jews and Muslims on circumcision

In Germany´s hot debate on circumcision Dieter Graumann and Aiman A. Mazyek tell their view. The Jew and the Muslim agree, that Germany must respect the circumcision of boys, which is an elementary command of their religion.

Kidnapping A Brainchild

In late August 2012, the German press reported the “discovery” of a long lost manuscript. Erwin Panofsky’s habilitation thesis on Michelangelo reemerged from a vault in the cellar of Munich’s Central Institute for the History of Art, founded in 1946. This was [...]

The Circumcision of Jesus, Master of St. Severin, ca 1490

Circumcision: A superfluous debate

Germany´s furious debate about a possible ban of Circumcision is wrong and superflous. The insistence on applying law should not be allowed to disturb the peace under law.