Love and Imagination

“I am doing what Jewish people have done throughout their history – I tell stories“, says Israeli best-selling author Meir Shalev. In our exclusive interview, Shalev talks about his being in love with love, about his family’s tradition of storytelling and his [...]


It’s Never Too Late for Justice

“It is my dream that Jews in Germany will be able to live completely normal and ordinary lives”, says Federal Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas. In our exclusive interview, Maas also stresses the special Israeli-German relations. He explains the measures he is taking [...]


We Can Solve Every Problem

Thuringia’s minister president Bodo Ramelow states that the lack of “a clear difference between the bourgeois-conservative camp and the left wing-liberal camp” poses a problem for German politics. In our exclusive interview, Ramelow also outlines his hands-on approach to the task of integrating refugees into German society and the labor market, introducing the idea of an integration contract…
With Willy Brandt in the background

Credit: JVG

Making the World a Better Place…

… is the aim of Katarina Barley, the German Social Democrats recently appointed secretary general. In an exclusive interview with JVG, Barley speaks about her party’s policies for people who are struggling, mobilizing voters and the female approach to power. Barley states firmly that “Israel’s right to exist is something that our party defends everywhere and against everyone”…
Frankfurt’s shul: the origin of jewish learning

Philosophers Beat Hitler

During WWII, the US Office of Strategic Services, predecessor of the CIA, enlisted the help of famous German emigrant philosophers like Marcuse, Kirchheimer et al. The protagonists of the Frankfurt School compiled intelligence reports on Nazi Germany, evaluating the social and political mood. Jewish Intelligence thus played a major role in developing Allied wartime strategy…