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Jews & Germans: A Vibrant Reality

“Only if Jews in Germany feel completely at home will our country be completely itself,” says Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in an exclusive interview with the Jewish Voice. Steinmeier also voices his concerns about populism and the growing political polarisation [...]


Rain for You in Season

The source of all life: The ancient Jewish tradition of praying for rain serves as a reminder to appreciate and protect our water resources…

Ohayon-Avi / Government Press Office Israel

Generation Bibi

“We know what we are getting. He might not be perfect – but who is?” Young Israelis trust their Prime Minister Netanyahu – despite his shortcomings….


Tired Republic

Germany today has no existential fears to contend with. German society is free to bask in its self-made prosperity and indulge in fretful overreactions. No topic of debate is too small. Indeed, Germany was the only country that expressed a strong opinion on the most trivial [...]

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The Miracle of Friendship

“I see it as a personal duty to ensure that Germany defends Israel’s existence and security,” says Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. German-Israeli friendship is “wonderful in the truest sense of the word.” It will continue to thrive on “the interaction [...]