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Jewish-German Relations

Peter Wittig, Germany’s ambassador to the United States, on the manifold challenges and opportunities for Jews and Germans in the 21st century…
New Synagogue Berlin

Rethinking the German-Jewish Relationship

TGI is a long-term project of the American Jewish Committee, Munich-based financial services company Allianz, and Germany Close Up, a German nonprofit promoting American-Jewish-German relations, administered by Berlin’s Centrum Judaicum.

Thinking of Germany…

How do Israelis really feel about Germany in year 50 of diplomatic relations? Wolf Iro, director of the Goethe Institute Israel, is impressed, moved and sometimes at a loss in view of the positive attitude that prevails. He shares his impressions after living in Israel for a year and tells us why an empty wall is a good thing...

Potsdam: School of Jewish Theology Opens

For the first time in Europe, a state university is offering a course of study in Jewish theology
Chicken and Eagle

Germany: The Reluctant Superpower

Chicken or eagle? Superpower or super humble? Germany hesitates to take on the superpower mantle other states covet.