Germany’s Economic Backbone

Small to medium-sized businesses are the key to success of Gemany's economy. The so-called Mittelstand is also a source of innovation and employs almost two third of Germany's workforce

Azerbaijan – A Strategic Partner for Germany

Gas reserves for Europe – Freedom of religion for Christians and Jews – Continued occupation by Armenia in spite of UN resolutions

Foreign Minister Westerwelle

Exclusive: Foreign Minister Westerwelle congratulates JVG: “I am proud that there is a Jewish Voice…”

“I am proud that there is a Jewish Voice…”, a year after its launch, Germany's Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle sends his Congratulations to the Jewish Voice from Germany. Westerwelle points to the fact that there is a flourishing Jewish life again. And he emphasizes that Germany and Israel share fundamental values: freedom, democracy and the rule of law.
Ernst Hess, 1912 – and in the 1950’s

Hitler’s Jewish Commander and Victim

A Jew survived due to an order given by Hitler. Our editor Susanne Mauss found a note of the Gestapo to the effect that the judge Ernst Hess was not to be persecuted or deported because of an order from the Reich Chancellery. During World War I, Hess had been an officer [...]

The New Synagogue Ohel Jakob in Munich opened in November 2006

German Jews or Jews in Germany?

No Chance of Becoming a Decisive Factor Again

It was the birth or rather the invention of the German nation that became a major challenge for Jews in Germany. In the Holy Roman Empire, the notion of German- Jewish was a neutral legal one for both [...]