Nuclear Warning

Energy Turnaround: Germany’s Move from Nuclear Power

Thuringia's Minister Matthias Machnig discusses Germany's energy revolution in the context of this year's upcoming elections.

Steinmeier: “Special Relationship With Israel Is My Personal Mission”

Exclusive interview with the chairman of the SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag, on German coalitions, Zionism and Iran

Germany’s Economic Backbone

Small to medium-sized businesses are the key to success of Gemany's economy. The so-called Mittelstand is also a source of innovation and employs almost two third of Germany's workforce

Azerbaijan – A Strategic Partner for Germany

Gas reserves for Europe – Freedom of religion for Christians and Jews – Continued occupation by Armenia in spite of UN resolutions

Foreign Minister Westerwelle

Exclusive: Foreign Minister Westerwelle congratulates JVG: “I am proud that there is a Jewish Voice…”

“I am proud that there is a Jewish Voice…”, a year after its launch, Germany's Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle sends his Congratulations to the Jewish Voice from Germany. Westerwelle points to the fact that there is a flourishing Jewish life again. And he emphasizes that Germany and Israel share fundamental values: freedom, democracy and the rule of law.