Betty, 1977 Museum Ludwig, Cologne / Private Collection

Gerhard Richter Festival

The 80-year old master artist captures German life, love, death and history

Berlin is celebrating a great German painter. Works of Gerhard Richter, who recently turned 80, are being shown simultaneously at three different Berlin venues, and long [...]


Georg Stefan Troller – A Mentsch

He studies his interlocutor intensively with warm, alert brown eyes. He speaks with a deep, clear voice in a charming Viennese accent. Georg Stefan Troller is 90 years old. He is a witness to history, an author, a journalist, a fi lmmaker, and a humanitarian. He is of [...]

“Grandma & Bella”: Sharing anecdotes and words of wisdom

The Chicken Soup Connection

Truth be told, what Alexa Karolinski really wanted to do was write a cookbook. The scrumptious cooking of her grandmother Regina was something she could remember from earliest childhood. The grown-up Alexa became a filmmaker, however, so perhaps it makes perfect sense [...]

Something Jewish? “A muse's revenge upon a conceptional artist” by Pavel Feinstein

Russian Kitchen Yiddishkeit in Germany

Jewish culture between interdependences and uniqueness

Jewish cultural life in Germany appears to be sealed off. Memorials and speeches, police controls and klezmer music festivals; Jewish life in Germany takes place behind security checks and [...]

Ben Jaimen, Performing at the Brandenburg Gate

Hitting Home in Berlin

Ben Jaimen perks up his Berlin audience

A sensitive young Jewish artist entertains more than half a million Berliners with his music, playing at the Brandenburg Gate – not so long ago, Jews and Germans alike might have had trouble imagining that [...]