A Virtual Reconciliation

Anselm Kiefer Seeks to Repair the Heritage Shattered by the Shoah

Modern German art in an Israeli avantgarde museum would have seemed impossible only a few years ago, though there is a connection dating back from a dark past. The Nazis hated both [...]

Getting to know each other: actors at Berlin's Theater Thikwa

Doing Away With Stereotypes

A Growing Number of Young Israelis is Taking Up Residence in Germany

The wail of a siren fills the darkened room. The sound swells, painfully loud. Some spectators cover their ears. Four figures stand motionless on the empty stage. A minute goes [...]

Director Leo Khasin

New Start, Old Hate

Utopia and Reality: Leo Khasin’s Film “Kaddish for a Friend” Sheds a Different Light on Immigration

People are people are people. Whether they are Jews, Christians, or Muslims. Whether they live in Israel, Lebanon, or Germany. [...]

Alone in Berlin

“Old Book, New Bestseller”

Hans Fallada’s original text of his tragic war-time novel now available in a new edition

A late victory lap through the literary world: 67 years after its initial publication, the novel “Every Man Dies Alone” by Hans Fallada has [...]

The recently reopend Synagogue in Erfurt: Thuringia's capital was one of the few German towns where the Rotary Club did not drive out its Jewish members

A Difficult Way Back

The Rotary Club and the German Jews: A Story of how to Overcome a betrayed Friendship

Rotary International is the oldest service organization in the world. For over 100 years, Rotarians have worked to promote the common good. Still, even today, [...]